Lord Dwarkadheesh and LalJi Prabhu in Mathura after 15 years

Lord Dwarkadheesh, along with LalJi Prabhu, has reached Mathura from Rajkot. The Lordships have returned to Braj after a period of 15 years. This occasion was grandly celebrated by the devotees through a kirtan festival. Lord Dwarkadheesh will be in Braj for a period of 38 days during which he will do a Mathura parikrama and the Braj 84 Kos parikrama.

LalJi Prabhu is now resting at Radheyshyam ashram located at Bangali Ghat, he will be leaving for Gokulanath shortly. He is scheduled to visit Jatipura and Anyor. Before starting the kirtan festival, the goswamis and the devotees took a holy dip in the Yamuna. A shobha yatra also took place. Overall it was a grand celebration and the devotees felt happy and blessed.

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