Vrindavan will become a global city, Krishna Bhumi the Global Township

Vrindavan has always been a religious city with a spiritual pull. But gone are the days when Vrindavan was a city dependent on other cities for survival. With the brand new badge of a transition city in place, Vrindavan is all set to become a global city now. Why is this so you ask? Well the primary reason is that Vrindavan is getting the world’s tallest Krishna temple to mark its horizon very soon. The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, which is under construction right now, will be 710 ft tall upon completion and will truly make Vrindavan a global city.

Added to this, Infinity is building a township at the feet of the temple. This township is Krishna Bhumi, which is being touted as the ‘Temple Township’. Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir being a global monument, this makes Krishna Bhumi the global township. Needless to say that the people residing in Krishna Bhumi will also be regarded not only as Indians, but global Indians. Krishna Bhumi, apart from being situated at the feet of a skyscraper temple, has many other attributes that set it apart and make it a global township. A unique township at its core, Krishna Bhumi manages to bring the glory of the Dwapar Yug and the facilities and amenities of a modern day lifestyle together.

Imagine living in a township that will have its very own 12 recreated forests of Vrindavan, a Krishna leela theme park and a magnificent and grand temple! Apart from this, all facilities and amenities needed to lead a modern day lifestyle are present. A wellness club, a spa and ayurveda centre, 24 hour surveillance and security, doctors and nurses on call, you name it and Krishna Bhumi has it. A convenience store, an ATM, a Laundromat, everything is present in the township to make your life easier.

So come be a part of this grand township and this spiritually enlightening life. Be a part of Krishna Bhumi! Call 969696 8899 to talk to our sales representatives and get to know more about this amazing project. You can also check out our website at www.krishnabhumi.in .

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