Uttar Pradesh Department of Culture celebrates Braj with “Barkha Bahar Cultural Program”

The Uttar Pradesh Department of Culture held a program in honor of the 100th birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. This program, called the Barkha Bahar Cultural Program, was held at the Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram’s auditorium. State culture minister, Lakshmirayam Chaudhry expressed the desire of the state government to promote the culture of Braj.

A decision was taken to institute the cultural program in order to spread awareness of Braj culture and to help preserve it. Braj artists put up songs and dance pieces on the subject of monsoon. The famous singer of Braj, Govind Ji, opened the program with the Krishna Vandana. After that there was the famous Charkula dance by Murarilal Sharma. Kajri geet was also featured in the program.

The Director of Vrindavan Research Institute Shri Satishchandra Dikshit, Shri Lakshminarayan Pathak, Shri Rajesh Pandit, Shri Sunil Chaturvedi, Dr. Vinod Bannerjee, Shri Kapil Upadhyay, Shri Vinay Goswami, Shri Mridulkant Shastri, and Shri Sudheer Shukla were present on the occasion.


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