Janmashtami: The saga of the birth of Lord Krishna

Janmashtami: The saga of the birth of Lord Krishna

There is a beginning and an end to every story and the story of Lord Krishna is perhaps one of the greatest you will ever come across. Janmashtami is soon approaching, and we at Krishna Bhumi, felt like this was the ideal time to delve into this mesmerizing tale. But when talking of Janmashtami, we immediately jump to the night that Nanda Gopal was born. But that is the end of the tale; wouldn’t you like to know where it all began? In this series of blogs, we take you back right to the beginning, all you have to do is read…

Part 1: How it all began…

Long ago, in the era of Svayambhuva Manu, Lord Brahma instructed Prajapati Sutapa and his wife Prsni to generate offspring in order to populate the material world. While performing her duties though, Prsni always had Lord Vishnu in her mind. 12,000 years, the both of them performed their duties and for 12,000 years, the Lord was always in Prsni’s thoughts. One fine day, pleased with such devotion, the Lord appeared before the couple and asked them what boon they wanted.

Prsni expressed her desire to be a mother to him and her wish was granted. She was told that thrice would she and her husband be parents to him. Soon after, Prsni was pregnant, and 9 months later she gave birth to the Lord in the form of a son. This son was named Prsnigarbha. This was in the Satya Yuga. In the Treta Yuga, Prajapati Sutapa and Prsni were reincarnated as Kasyapa Muni and Aditi and drawn together by divine machinations; Lord Vishnu took birth as their son, Upendra. Being of dwarf form in that birth, he was more popularly known as Vamanadeva.

Finally in Dwapar Yuga, the Earth deity, Bhudevi, tired of the planet being ruled impiously because of many asuras, who had taken birth in human form, in powerful Kshatriya families, appealed to Lord Vishnu to take birth on Earth again and bring the situation under control. This is when Lord Vishnu declared that he will take birth in his original form in order to bring peace and order on Earth again. Prajapati Sutapa and Prsni, Vasudev and Devaki in this lifetime, would be the parents. And demigods were urged to take birth in various Yadu families to get things ready and provide support when needed.

Now that you know the background, in the next blog we shall delve into the lives of Kansa, Vasudev and Devaki. The parents who gave birth to Lord Krishna and the maternal uncle who wanted him dead as soon as he was born.

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