Vrindavan gets facelift to attract more tourists:

A plan to boost the tourism potential of Vrindavan and develop it into a model city has received a green signal with authorities clearing a detailed project report worth Rs 515 crores.
Pradeep Bhatnagar, commissioner of Agra division, gave clearance to DPR during a meeting yesterday with slight amendments to it.
“Now the focus would be on Vrindavan to make it a model city,” Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority Secretary B.B Singh said.

District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar said, “Making of Vrindavan into a model city would ultimately boost tourism and employment and with more facilities, tourists proceeding to Agra to see The Taj Mahal might be attracted to Vrindavan as well”.
“The developmental work would now be done in a planned way without affecting the soul of the pilgrim city. Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority would now coordinate the work and different government departments would now come under one umbrella,” he added.

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