Vrindavan temples fill with the fragrance of Mogra on Nirjala Ekadashi

Nirjala Ekadashi is one of the many important festivals that are celebrated in Vrindavan. On this occasion the inner sanctum of the temple, the walls and the pillars are heavily decorated with mogra flowers which happen to be the flower of the season. The temple no doubt looks beautiful and is filled with a heavenly scent which makes all the visitors peaceful and joyous at the same time.

Other flowers used in decoration are bela, juhi and champa. Thakur Bankey BihariJi gave darshan to the devotees on this day from the interior of the ‘pushp nikunj’. Thakur Radha Ballabh gave darshan to his devotees from inside a boat that was also filled with mangoes.

The Radha Raman temple was also crowded with eager visitors who wanted to catch a glimpse of the deity. Fountains had been set up in all the temples to save the deities from the effects of the scorching heat. All the devotees observed the difficult fast and donated food, clothing and hand fans to the poor people.

The Panchkosi Parikrama was also performed by joyous, singing and dancing devotees. This parikrama began early in the morning. The saptadevalaya temples were also a centre of attraction. The mahants of all the temples were very understanding and distributed water and cold drinks to the visiting devotees to provide some relief from the scorching heat.

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