Thakur Ji enjoyed boat ride during Jal Yatra

The Jal Yatra festival is held every year during the poornima of the Jyestha month to give Thakur Ji some relief from the scorching heat. During this festival, the temple is decorated with a pond in the courtyard, which is filled with water. A boat is then prepared and ThakurJi rides on it and gives darshan to all his devotees.

The Radha Raman Lal temple celebrated the Jal Yatra in a grand way this time. ThakurJi gave darshan while riding in a splendid boat. The devotees chanted slogans for the Lord. The ShahJi temple was also decked up and a pond was created. ThakurJi sat on a marble throne in the middle of it.

Lord Jagannath also got carried away by the festival and took a bath from 108 pots of water and fruit juices. Due to this he is now suffering from a cold. This fun tradition is a very old part of Vrindavan and Puri. The Lord is resting now and having many herbal medicines to recover and give darshan to his devotees once again.


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