Vrindavan, the religious heritage site

Vrindavan is a famous tourist destination for all sorts of people. But for people who follow the Vaishnavism tradition of Hindiusim, Vrindavan holds a special place in their hearts. It is one of the foremost centres for Krishna devotees and includes places like Gokul and Govardhan. Millions of people flock to Vrindavan every year to pay homage to Radha Krishna and take part in the numerous festivals that Vrindavan is famous for.

When devout followers of Krishna visit Gokul, where Krishna was raised by Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda, or walk through the Vrindavan forest, where Krishna spent most of his childhood with Balaram and his friends, the spiritual ecstasy they feel is unmistakable. ‘Krishnabhumi’ aims to capture this very essence of Vrindavan. The project is most known for the tallest Krishna mandir in the world. However, another attraction of this project is also the recreation of the twelve forests or ‘vanas’ of Vrindavan.

All of this, coupled with the indoor Krishna leela theme park, the heritage museum, the cosmology exhibit and the viewing gallery perched at a height of 700 feet, Krishnabhumi will bring you closer to Krishna with the help of modern inventions. This is also a great way of introducing children to the story of Krishna. They may not be as spiritually inclined as the elders in the family, but Krishna will make a place in their hearts with this project’s amusement park like ambience.

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