Holding each other’s hands brothers and sisters took holy dip

Thousands of pairs of brothers and sisters took a holy dip in the Yamuna at Vishram Ghat to pray for each other’s healthy and long life on the occasion of Bhaiya Dooj. Apart from the locals, many pilgrims visited from all over the country and the number of Gujrati pilgrims was the most in number. Devotees started gathering at the Ghat just before sunrise.

After the bath, they lit lamps on the banks of the Yamuna and prayed to the holy river. After that the sisters performed the tilak ceremony for the brothers and the entire party headed off to the temple of Yamraj and Yamuna to pray to the divine brother and sister. The temple offered bhog to the deities and distributed the Prasad among the devotees. The entire ceremony is about the sisters praying for the health of their brothers and the brothers promising to protect their sisters from any kind of harm.

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