Kamyavana – the most beautiful forest of Braj


The fourth among the twelve forests of Braj-mandal, Kamyavana will be recreated at Krishna Bhumi as one of the beautiful forests surrounding the iconic Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir. Kamyavana is said to have been the most beautiful of all the vanas of Vrindavana where Lord Krishna performed his enchanting pastimes. It is also said to be resided by one of the five Mahadevs of Vraja Mandala, Kameshwar Mahadev. Besides, Kamyavana is where goddess Vrinda, one of the four most worshipped Devis of Braj Mandal is said to be residing.

The name of the forest Kamyavana derives its origin from the word ‘Kamya’, which means “extremely beautiful” or “well adorned”. The forest of Kamyavana is home to many beautiful lakes, wells, trees, creepers, flowers and fruits. Adding to that there are various species of beautiful birds in this forest. According to the Vishnu Purana, there are eighty-four sacred ponds, eighty-four temples and eighty-four pillars in Kamyavan. It is said that a famous king named Shri Kamasena established them all.

Kamyavana is also home to countless small and large kundas as well as a fourteen mile long Parikrama. Some of the prominent kundas in this fascinating forest are Vimala Kunda, Kama Kunda and Dharma Kunda. The most famous among all the temples in Kamyavana is the Radha Govinda Temple. The deity of Vrinda Devi is installed is this temple which is also the oldest deity in the whole world. In the Puranas, Kamyavan is also said to be the forest where the innermost desires of the soul are fulfilled.

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