Outside vehicles restricted for entering Vrindavan during Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is around the corner and all outside vehicles have been restricted from coming into Vrindavan from 16th to 20th July. The reason is that hundreds and thousands of people will visit Vrindavan during this period to pay their respects to their Gurus.

Hence, if outside vehicles are not stopped, it could cause a huge traffic menace. Extra police forces are also being deployed on all of the main roads of the city to avoid congestion from vehicles inside the city. CCTV cameras have also been installed so that the police can keep an eye on all the main points of the city.

The vehicles that come from outside the city during these days from the Yamuna Expressway will be diverted to Mathura via Raya. The same procedure will be used for traffic coming in from the National Highway 2. Parking spaces have been prepared at Chhatikara Road and opposite Rukmini Vihar along with Daruk and Braj Health Care area.

People coming in from outside can park their cars here and then enter the city. Those coming from the Yamuna Expressway will have to park near Pani Ghat or Pani Gaon. There are provisions to control emergency situations as well.

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