The love story of Radha and Krishna is perpetual and awe-inspiring, a symbol of the divine union between Paratmatma and Jivatma, the universal self and the individual self. The tale of Shyamsundar and Radhika is a beautiful legend celebrated across thousands of years.  And Krishna devotees across many generations are still fascinated by Radha-Krishna romance. In fact, the names of Radha and Krishna are always spelt out in one breath, implying without Radha, Krishna is not complete and without Shyamsundar, Radha is incomplete. So, here are some life lessons to learn from the love story of this divine couple:


Showing Unending Devotion

Radhika, Goddess Shakti’s avatar, was an ardent devotee of Devakinandan, and when the Lord played His flute in the beautiful forests of Vrindavan on a full moon night, the gopis listened to the tunes emanating from Krishna’s flute. Radhika, on the contrary, used to be so mesmerised that she would forget everything and start dancing around natkhat Krishna. So, if you truly love your partner, you will be completely devoted just as Krishna Priya (another name of Radha) was devoted to Devakinandan.


Deriving Strength from Your True Love

Krishna was the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and derived all His strength from Radhika. There were many cow-herding maidens in Vrindavan, who desired the love and company of Shri Krishna, but it was Radha to whom Shyamsundar lost His heart. Though Krishna never married Radhika, she was by the Lord’s side during His entire stay in the holy Braj. Thus, their love story remains eternal. It means that we must completely trust our partners through thick and thin, making them our strength and not weakness.


Willing to Sacrifice

Pure love is one that is always unconditional. Love in the true sense of the word means sacrifice; it does not always mean not getting but also letting go. Radhika always knew in her heart that Krishna would never marry her. However, that did not make any difference to their undying love for each other. Their love was spiritual, on a sacred level, and beyond the understanding of the materialistic world and its limitations. True love is about sacrifice and Shyamsundar’s paramour relationships are of the highest spiritual excellence, and therefore Radha-Krishna’s love for each other should never be perceived from the physical parlance. Their love is indeed divine and supreme when construed as a form of sacrifice and dedication through which Radhika approached Shyamsundar, the universal self.

The Radha-Krishna romance can never be explained from any worldly or materialistic perspective. Radhika’s devotion for the Lord is unparalleled, proclaiming the ultimate union between the human soul and the Supreme Godhead. The eternal love between Krishna and Radha is beyond human cognizance.

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Radhe Radhe!

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