First installment released for the Peacock Conservation Centre

Considering the significance of the peacocks in Vraja, the U.P. Government has approved a proposal of the Peacock Conservation Centre in Vrindavan. The centre will be developed at the Van Chetana Kendra between Mathura and Vrindavan. The first installment of Rs. 10 lacs has also already been released by the U.P. Van Nigam to begin the work.

The District Magistrate Shri Rajesh Kumar had sent a proposal of Rs. 20 lacs for the development of the Peacock Conservation Centre, in two hectares land inside the Van Chetna Kendra. The Uttar Pradesh Van Nigam has approved it and sent 50 percent of the fund to the regional office of the forest department as the first installment.  The second proposal is prepared for three acres of land behind the Van Chetna Kendra, for which the proposal has been sent to the MoEF.

Benches and other facilities will be made available for people who visit the sanctuary.  The visitors will be restricted in some areas though.  A peacock rescue centre will also be developed inside the five hectare land, where the injured peacocks will be treated. A team of veterinary doctors will regularly visit the rescue centre.

It should be noted that the idea for the peacock sanctuary was first floated by the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance in a meeting with the then Chief Development Officer, Shri Andra Vamsi, who was very inspired by the idea and had promised to realize it.Peacock Conservation Centre pic

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