Dauji temple celebrated Baldev Chatth in a grand way

Baldev Chatth was celebrated flamboyantly at Baldeo and other regions of Braj. The temple was decorated grandly and the deity of Dauji Maharaj was adorned with beautiful jewellery marking the celebrations on his birthday. The devotees present at the temple competed heartily to get a coconut from the sevayats as the coconut is considered a blessing from the Lord.

Chappan Bhog and traditional style of kirtan were also organized which enhanced the quality of the celebrations. The day started at 4A.M.with the mangal aarti of Dauji Maharaj. The samaj gayan started at 12 PM. After that Prasad was distributed among the devotees and a small holi like function took place post 1 PM. Finally the day was called off with a Shobha Yatra.

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