Possibilities explored to introduce Eco efficient technology for sewerage recycling:

Good news for Vrindavan residents! Possibilities are being explored to introduce eco efficient technology for sewerage recycling in Vrindavan! A team of two people have recently visited Vrindavan to study the sewerage treatment process that is in place in the city right now. They belong to an organization called World Water Works and were invited to Vrindavan by the group Friends of Vrindavan.

The World Water Works organization is a manufacturer of specialized process and waste water treatment technologies that focus on performance, flexibility and longevity. These machines are basically designed to yield clean water and recover energy and also achieve other resource recovery.

The motto of the company happens to be that one need not look anywhere else for alternate sources of energy than our waste water. The inspectors visited 18 such sites where drains flow into the Yamuna River. They were accompanied by Shri P. Niroop, the additional advocate general of Meghalaya.

They also visited some ashrams of Vrindavan and Gokul to see how feasible it would be to introduce the eco efficient technology of sewer treatment in the ashrams. This new technology will be very beneficial for the ashrams as the technology will generate its own electricity from the sewer water to recycle the sewer water into clean water.

Later, the team also met Shri Chandra Prakash Singh, the vice chairman of the MVDA or Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority to update him on how the sewerage treatment technology works.

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