Work for building the ‘Heritage Corridor’ to commence in September

The building of the heritage corridor will begin in Vrindavan in the month of September. There were several visits by the state tourism department and the project was finally approved. The tourism department, in an effort to attract more tourists to Vrindavan, came up with the idea of connecting 13 heritage temples with a pathway. The path is being made strictly for walkers and no vehicles will be allowed on it.

Guided heritage walks will be planned so that even strangers get to know the city of Vrindavan well enough. The pathway will wind its way through the ancient temples, the small lanes, the old markets, the ghats, the archeological monuments and the gaushalas. The path will begin from the Madan Mohan temple and end in Gandhi Park, near the Vrindavan municipality office.

The project is going to be funded by the World Bank and facilities like clean drinking water, benches, lights and public toilets will be taken care of.

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