Massive Cleanliness Drive organized

A massive cleanliness drive was organized yesterday, the 27th of April, where hundreds of students participating from different schools took brooms in their hands to clean the holy city of Vrindavan. The cleanliness drive was organized in 24 locations of the town. The students participating in the event were assisted by the cleaners engaged by ‘Infinity Krishna Bhumi’ and the Vrindavan Municipality.cleanliness drive pic

Addressing the event the City Magistrate Shri Ram Araj Yadav said, “Cleanliness begins from home and family. It is the attitude not the resources required for maintaining cleanliness. Everyone likes cleanliness but no one is ready to take the responsibility to keep the city clean.”

The Infinity Krishna Bhumi Group and other dignitaries also addressed the event after distributing the caps and juice. It should be noted that the Infinity Krishna Bhumi Group has sponsored around 25 cleaners who clean different parts of the pilgrimage town of Vrindavan.

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