‘Kamsa Vadh’ commemorated as his effigy is ripped into pieces

When Kamsa Vadh is celebrated in Mathura, the city comes alive and becomes colorful. An effigy of Kamsa is made and people gather around to thrash it with sticks. This is a reenactment of the freedom that was attained from the cruelty of King Kamsa due to the bravery of Lord Krishna. Usually, a grand procession of Krishna and Balarama sitting on an elephant is taken out in the city.

The young boys of the Chaturvedi clan in Vrindavan carry sticks in their hands and walk with the procession. They also don traditional clothes for this occasion. The devotees stand in queues on both sides of the road to witness Krishna and Balarama going to kill Kamsa. They also shower flowers on the procession. Finally, the procession reaches the place where the effigy of Kamsa is kept and people begin beating it with sticks after taking permission from Lord Krishna.

The celebration reaches its climax as the effigy is finally ripped into pieces. The festival is organized by the Mathur Chaturved Parishad every year.

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