Gods awaken and Shaligram marries Tulsi in Vrindavan temples

Thousands of devotees took an early morning dip in the Yamuna to welcome the Gods who have woken up from their four month long slumber on Devotthan Ekadashi. The devotees from Vrindavan performed the Panchkosi Parikrama of Vrindavan while the devotees of Mathura performed the Teen Van Parikrama. The occasion is celebrated in Vraja region in a grander manner than Diwali.

On this occasion the marriage ceremony of Tulsi and Shaligram was also performed in the various temples of Vrindavan. The divine marriage ceremony was conducted with great devotion and holiness. The temples of Radha Shyam Sundar and Radha Damodar especially attracted a big number of devotees to witness the divine marriage. The pandas of Mathura and Vrindavan conducted ritualistic pujas for their yajmans at the various ghats of Yamuna.

The waking up of the Gods marks the beginning of the marriage season and the Tulsi Shaligram Vivaah is symbolic of this.

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