Krishna blessed Shani Dev at Kokilavan, Vrindavan

Devotees thronged the Shani Dev Temple in Kokila Van in Vrindavan on the occasion of Shani Dev Jayanti. The temple prepared a grand phool bangla or flower castle for the deity and the Mahant of the temple, Premdas Maharaj did the abhishek at night and the maha aarti the next morning. Many devotees, visiting from various parts of the country also performed special rituals to please Shani Dev.

Apparently, the Shani Dev Temple at Kokila Van is the only temple dedicated to Lord Shani Dev where the aarti is performed right in front of the deity. The temple is very old and powerful and many people are known to have been eased from their pain after their visit here. This is why it is considered to be an important temple in Northern India.

It is said that Shani Dev came to Vrindavan because of the mercy shown to him by Lord Krishna. Hence, when people visit this temple, they receive the dual blessings of Lord Krishna as well as Lord Shani Dev.

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