Mounds of cooked rice became special attraction on Annakoot

Annakoot Mahotsava and Govardhan Puja were celebrated with much joy and splendor in the temples of Vraja. Devotees thronged Govardhan and worshipped Giriraj at Indra Maan Bhanjan Puja Sthal near Jatipura and other Giriraj temples. Thousands of liters of milk were offered to Giriraj apart from the varieties of Prasad that was offered to Mount Govardhan, which is believed to be an embodiment of Shri Krishna.

The Radha Damodar, Radha Shyam Sundar, Radha Gokulananda and Radha Raman temples drew huge crowds. A mound of huge rice was prepared in the temples and the mound was decorated with 108 kinds of vegetables. Devotees queued outside the temples for hours to get a few grains of the Prasad as it is believed that anyone who consumes this Prasad will never go hungry in their life.

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