Nandotsava is a festival celebrated following Krishna Janmashtami. The celebrations associated with the birth of Krishna find a new dimension in Vrindavan, the holy land where the Lord performed many leelas. The grand festivities continue in this holy town for six days when it transforms into Gokul. The celebrations last until the ‘Chhati Puja’, which is observed six days after the birth of Shri Krishna.


When Bal Gopal was born, all the village folks of the Brajbhumi visited Nanda’s and Yashoda’s home to be a part of the festivities. Nandotsava is the observance of Krishna’s birth and holds a special significance in Vrindavan. It is a joyful event celebrated in every house in the holy town.

When baby Krishna sat on a golden throne, all the Braj Gopis came to worship the Lord in reverence and veneration. The loud beating of the bheri drums, the bol coming from the mandalas, the dexterous beats on the dholaks, and the sound of dhinta dhinta from the dundubhis and mridangas announced the auspicious birth of Yashoda Nandan. The blissful sounds of the drums and dundubhis were augmented by the animated voices and tinkling of the anklets of the Braj Gopis as they welcomed the guests visiting Nanda’s house.

Krishna Bathed in Pure Water


Yashoda Nandan was given a holy bath with rivulets of water pouring from crystal pitchers. The bathing ceremony purified the surroundings with immaculately articulated mantras. It added waves of magnetism to Shri Krishna’s already dynamic personality. After the ceremonial bath, Yashoda Nandan looked gorgeous after He was attired in a silk dhoti of brilliant yellow and chaddar, while He was adorned with gems, jewels, armbands, and bracelets.

Celebrations in Vrindavan   

On the auspicious occasion of Nandotsava, the temples in the holy town echo with devotional braj bhasa songs. Every temple in Vrindavan and Mathura celebrates the birth of Gopal in their own way. Special ceremonies such as the ‘Mangala Aarti’ are held at the Bankey Bihari Mandir during this time of the year.

The Krishna bhakts are blessed with the darshan of Bihariji at the temple, where an abhishek or sacred bathing of the idol is performed. The other rituals that follow are Maha Aarti and distribution of sweets. Many devotees maintain a fast in the holy Braj, followed by grand feasts and prasad distribution in the subsequent days of Nandotsava.

A majestic procession is taken out with real pomp and show from the Shyam Sundar Temple. Many ashrams, temples, and Krishna bhakts also take part in the grand procession, each group moving with its own tableau, singing devotional songs. The nature lovers plant Kadamba and Tamal, Shri Krishna’s favourite trees to celebrate His birth.

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Radhe Radhe!

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