Thakur Ji’s darshan at your doorstep

Good news for devotees! ThakurJi is now using social media to give darshan to people round the globe. Devotees from different parts of Braja are uploading pictures of ThakurJi regularly and making it easier to get the Lord’s blessings from any corner of the world.

There are many groups on Facebook and WhatsApp that are active and are facilitating live and regular darshan of ThakurJi starting from mangal aarti or morning prayers to shayan aarti or night prayers. The morning aarti viewing is very popular among the Brajwasis for which the temples have also made special arrangements; however, the crowd is growing bigger every single day.

Local devotees are taking pictures and posting them on social media and thus people all over the world are getting glimpses of aartis and festivals that they cannot attend in person.


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