Suspension bridge to be built at Jugal Ghat:

Vrindavan may have a suspension bridge at Jugal Ghat area soon, as the District administration of Mathura has identified this area and is ready to submit a proposal to the State Government. Another suspension bridge is also proposed to be built at the Vishram Ghat area of Mathura. The suspension bridge will give easy access to Banke Bihari Mandir for the devotees coming from the Yamuna Express way.Suspension Bridge pic

The building of the Suspension bridge is part of the plan under which the Yamuna bank will be revamped. The land on the other side of Yamuna has also been identified for the developmental plan. The team led by the District Magistrate identified the land for the future parking lots where as many as 500 vehicles will be accommodated on the each side of the river.

Embankments on both sides of the river will be built to stop flooding during the rains. The District Magistrate informed that arrangements were being made for the availability of 500 cusecs of fresh water all the time. The other side of Yamuna will be developed as a forest area where thousands of typical trees of Vraja will be planted.

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