Mahaprabhu’s Charan Paduka arrived in Vrindavan

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s advent in Vrindavan, his wooden sandals arrived in Vrindavan amidst tight security and were kept at Haribol Kutir, in front of the new Madan Mohan Temple. The wooden sandals were brought from Nabadweep Dham in Bengal, which also happens to be the birth place of the Lord. It was an ecstatic moment for the devotees to see Mahaprabhu’s charan paduka or footwear. They cried tears of joy upon laying their eyes on the wooden sandals that their Lord used to wear.

After one night at the Haribol Kutir, the paduka were taken to Jatipura in Govardhan for the Giriraj Darshan. After that the paduka were brought back to Vrindavan once again. The paduka were also taken for a nagar parikrama and saptadevalaya darshan. The devotees were singing and dancing as a part of the procession and every time the paduka stopped at a temple, the sevayats performed aarti and welcomed it lovingly.

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